Combe Hay is owned and run by a Charitable Trust and our core objectives are to provide high quality accommodation, care and support for older people. We believe in working in partnership with residents, their family and friends and other professionals in order that our trained and committed staff provide the highest quality of care 24 hours a day.

Our philosophy is based on ensuring individuals are treated with respect, that their dignity is preserved at all times and their right to privacy and confidentiality is always observed. We also acknowledge each individual’s right to independence and this is fully supported and maintained in a stimulating safe environment.

We encourage and support our residents in maintaining a full and contented life, whilst ensuring they have choice and ability to convey their thoughts and feelings about all aspects of their daily life.

Our Board of Trustees

Combe Hay is owned and operated by a Charitable Trust ‘George Edward Smart Homes’, registered with the Charity Commission. It is administered by a Board of Trustees who have the ultimate responsibility for directing, monitoring, formulating policy and ensuring the services provided by the Home are professionally managed, well-run and meet the aims and objectives of our benefactor. There are eight members of the Board, appointed from Scarborough and Ryedale and who offer their services voluntarily and have been selected for their special skills and expertise. Currently the Trustees are:

Mr Graeme Hay                       Chairmantrustees3
Mr John Cobb                          Lead – Buildings
Mrs Rhien Cocker                   CQC Nominated Person
Mrs Marjorie Priestley           Lead – Personnel
Miss Carol Boyes
Dr Ian Glaves
Ms Jane Nickson
Mrs Elaine Heritage

Trustee meetings are held bi-monthly, but other meetings are often arranged on an ad hoc basis as required.