George EdwardOur benefactor, George Edward Smart, was one of three children of Dr John Cass Smart who was born and lived in Hutton Buscel and had a medical practice in Huntriss Row in Scarborough.

George Edward met with an accident in his early years which resulted in him losing the sight in one eye, the other eye became weakened and for the whole of his life he was unable to bear daylight which resulted in him spending his long life in semi-darkness and seclusion. For many years George Edward lived quietly in Hutton Buscel and Tunbridge Wells then, on the death of his parents he succeeded to the estate, and retired to Combe Hay Manor in Bath. In his latter years he became a recluse but kept abreast of current events by having the newspapers read to him daily.

In life he was a philanthropist who subscribed to numerous charities, in death he bequeathed his funds to build a convalescent home near Tunbridge Wells. He also bequeathed his two cottages in Hutton Buscel to be forever occupied by the elderly and infirm of the parish. In addition to these bequest and of more importance to us, he directed that the funds from his residual estate, together with funds accruing from his sister Margaret’s estate should be invested and allowed to accumulate until the capital sum had grown large enough to build and equip the ‘Doctor Smart’s Supplementary Homes’ as they were referred to in his will. The Homes were to be handsome but without useless ornamentation. However, in 1950 in order to avoid confusion with Dr Smart’s Home, already opened in his brother’s memory, it was approved by the High Court that George Edward’s homes should be known as the “George Edward Smart Homes”

In 1954 the land on which we are now situated was purchased, and a Home for 35 residents was completed in 1958. Originally it was intended to have two separate Homes on two separate sites but it soon became clear that there was sufficient land in Stepney Drive to extend, and so in 1967 a further Home was opened. This Home was known as Fawcett House. Both “houses” of course have long been run as one Home now known as Combe Hay, after the family home in Bath. As a result of the philanthropy of a gentleman who himself never married, a large “family” was created in his much loved Scarborough, a Home which continues to this day to thrive and offer care and support to its residents.