At the heart of all the care we provide at Combe Hay is the right to privacy and dignity. Residents’ views are valued and their individuality and right to retain their identity and remain independent, continuing to make  their own everyday decisions about their daily life, are recognised as of the utmost importance. Each resident is given an individual Care Plan tailored to meet their specific needs and covering all aspects of their daily living, health and social care. Residents are, of course, welcome to receive family, friends or visitors in their own room or in any of the communal rooms or gardens within Combe Hay at any time.

The right to privacy and dignity is important in all aspects of daily living, particularly personal care which is given with sensitivity at all times. We are attentive to our residents’ physical and emotional needs and meet their comfort and well-being with a caring and understanding response. Residents are always spoken to with respect and addressed by their preferred title.

Our residents and their families can rest assured that three care assistants are on duty all night to monitor, assist and respond to residents’ needs and call bells. Combe Hay cannot accommodate nursing care needs, special mental care needs or emergency admissions. However once established as a permanent resident, and the resident’s needs become such that they need extra personal care, rather than being moved on to a nursing home, this care can be provided by our staff at a small extra daily charge.